LCCI Exam December 2017




We are happy to inform you about LCCI Exam Fees and Registration Date for December 2017.




The Registration Date is from 11 September to 22 September 2017.




The Exam Fees are now reduced.




ASE20091 – Level 1 Bookkeeping 27 USD




ASE20093 – Level 2 Bookkeeping & Accounting 32 USD




ASE20094 – Level 2 Cost Accounting 32 USD




** 36 USD for Each of Level 3 Subjects **




ASE20098 – Level 3 Cost and Management Accounting




ASE20097 – Level 3 Financial Accounting




ASE20104 – Level 3 Accounting




ASE20100 – Level 3 Business Statistics




ASE3003   – Level 3 Advanced Business Calculations








You can see LCCI Exam Timetable for December  2017 below…

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